A classical yellow thatched house nestled in Cambridgeshire

Sunday Strolling through Cambridgeshire

What better way to finish off a weekend of garden partying and brunching than a quintessential British walk along the river. Cambridge, like many english cities, has a river running through its centre. Not only does this fill the city with picturesque barges and small boats but brings economic trade and tourism.

A quintessential British canal in Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire
A colourful barge sitting along the Canal in Hemingford Grey, Cambridgeshire
A classical yellow thatched house nestled in Cambridgeshire
A yellow thatched house with a black door
Three swans swimming along the river
A turquoise door on a yellow home with a red rose bush.

Next time you’re in Cambridge I encourage you to step out of the city centre and head into Hemingford Grey and see true England. Thatched houses, barge holidays, relaxing rivers, and of course friendly locals! If your need of place to stay in Cambridge there are some incredible properties, including houseboats and windmills, available on Airbnb. If you want £25 off your first rental use my referral link.

So that’s it folks a stunning stroll through Cambridge, Cambridgeshire!

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