Back to School

Its September which for most people means two things; back to school and the start of fall. As much as I love summer break, a part of me wants to get back to a normal routine again. The worst part about back to school is having to rummage through Target or Tesco searching for everything you need for the year. This is where Amazon has stepped in, with online back to school shopping. When I found out about student prime I knew I had to share this to help all my fellow students out!

Whether heading back for your GSCEs, A Levels, or even starting University Amazon is here for you! With Prime Student you get half off prime! All the same benefits exclusively for students at a half off rate! This makes finding all you textbooks and required reading last minute incredibly easy! This is a lifesaver thanks to next day delivery!

Also all Students are able to create a Unidays account giving you student discount at loads of major brands!

In less school related news; I’ve got some super exciting blog posts/projects in the coming months:

  • September 14 – Universal Studios Guide
  • September 22- Instagram Takeover with The Nomadic Dreamers
  • September 28 – Islands of Adventure Guide

I know this post is super short and been a bit of a ramble, but Happy September! I’ll be back to posting regularly in the coming weeks. What are you up to this month? Let me know in the comment section down below!

Yours Truly,

Adam Briggs

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