A Wintery Weekend Getaway to Cambridge

Its not secret that I love visiting the Cambridgeshire countryside and after visiting the city for the first time in December, I fell in love with the University city! A mere hour and a half from Norwich, Cambridge is perfect for either a day trip or a weekend away. We had an amazing time and I’m going to take you through everything we did!

The University Arms

Day 1

Arriving at around 11 and we promptly dropped our bags off at the newly renovated University Arms. The hotel was absolutely gorgeous, being centrally located near Parker’s Piece, it acted as the perfect base for our weekend of touristing.

The Mathematical Bridge

After dropping our bags off and parking the car we headed to Fitzbillies for a snack. Dad tried the famous Chelsea buns while I opted for a more filling, bacon bap. Once we had finished eating we went in search of our first Cambridge landmark; the mathematical bridge. The free-standing bridge straddles the river cam and is just a short stroll along from Fitzbillies.

One of the back streets.

Next we walked along to Kings College, but found out it was closed. As we were near the city centre, we decided to go into Trinity College and have a look around. The architecture was incredible, with intricate details in every corner your eyes were constantly looking around.

One of the many colleges scattered around the city.

After grabbing a quick lunch at Yo Sushi, we wandered along the back streets stopping off at the Corpus clock and the expansive Fitzwilliam Museum. This place was massive, and dare I say gave some of DC’s museum’s a run for their money! By this point in the day we were absolutely exhausted and in need of a nap, so we popped back to our hotel. In the evening we ate at Honest Burgers and then walked around admiring the christmas lights and winter wonderland before heading to bed.

Trinity College

Day 2

Day two kicked off with a delicious breakfast from Parkers Tavern, then heading back out for one last wander, stopping along the way for the occasional blogger crossing the road photo. Just before packing up the car we indulged in this appley treat and gathered up all our belongings to check out. Finally on the way back we made a pit stop at the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial before heading home to Norfolk.

Some iconic phone booths near the market.

So that was our weekend away in Cambridge! It couldn’t have come at a better time, post exams and pre Christmas it was perfect way to have some family time all while exploring a new city. I throughly recommend visiting as there is so much to see, especially if you like classic English design and architecture. As always if you have any specific questions or comments, send them my way! I’d love to hear what you think.

Yours Truly,

Adam Briggs

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