Apple Picking at Sandringham

Fall is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier about it. If you couldn’t already tell from my very enthusiastic instagram captions, fall is my favourite season and I adore this time of year. Growing up in the US there were so many fall activities-apple picking, corn mazes, pumpkin patches-and since coming back to Blighty I’ve missed the build up to the season. So when I heard about the Sandringham Apple Orchards I was over the moon. I mean, picking apples from the Queen’s orchards?! How much more autumnal can it get.

There actually isn’t an official adress on the website, however there are little blue signs saying ‘PYO Apples’ on the A149 and also the A148. After about thirty minutes of windy Norfolk back roads and squinting to find minuet blue signs we arrived at the Orchard.acs_0468As it was late afternoon the light was gorgous and just warm enough to make it summery. While there we ended up picking 3 big bags of cox apples as well as one of cooking apples and a couple of russets. It was such a fun afternoon and we’ve been eating apples in every possible form for the past week and still have a crate full to last till the holidays. As we had driven all the way out there I couldn’t help but snap a few pics to share on social in the coming weeks. Here’s a little expectation vs reality of what ends up on socal media:

While I may not have mastered the ability to look decent while catching apples maybe with a little practice, I’ll nail it next year. Thank you for reading about our afternoon at Sandringham Orchard, if you want to check it out click here for more information.Always,Adam

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