Due Fratelli Coffee | AD

With the holidays approaching things are starting to get busier. Combining this with starting a new job, exams, and sending off my Uni application, its no wonder I’ve needed coffee recently. Thankfully, Due Fratelli, a Suffolk based coffee trader, sent me over some of their products to try out.

The first blend they sent over was the Buonissimo, a slightly fruity and nutty coffee. Buonissimo is what I would call the perfect week day pick-me-up, its great for getting you in the mood to crack on and complete that do-to-list of yours.

The other blend, Cameroon Boyo, is a sweet almost chocolatey coffee. It has been absolutely delicious as a weekend drink, has a beautiful layered flavour, and is my favourite of the two blends.

The last tasty treat I was sent to try was the rich Hot Chocolate Buttons. Once mixed with either steamed milk of water, they transform into a bubbly smooth drink that is perfect for the chilly winter evenings.

I enjoyed all of the delicious treats kindly sent over to me, and if you are in the market for something warming for the winter season I highly recommend you try out Due Fratelli.

If you have any questions please just send them my way.



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